January 16th, 2011 by Conor

I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone out there that has helped us out in one way or another. There are a LOT of you out there, and it really is hard to do it any justice with a simple blog post on the website. I hope to one day repay each and every one of you somehow or another even though I’m sure that wasn’t necessarily your plan by helping us.

The offers of time, resources, talents, goods and services, and words of love have been nothing short of amazing. There are a lot of wonderful people that surround us, and it’s hard to imagine this process without them. I want people out there to know that the nursing staff does not see this kind of thing all the time- at least from what I hear. There are people in other rooms that don’t even get visitors. Often times the visitors they have have very limited support systems. I know that because I have talked to a fair amount of them. We are very fortunate to have such generous and loving people in our lives. Even though we are not physically near any of our support systems the love that has come in for Danny and our family has been nothing short of remarkable. We LOVE YOU ALL!

My only hope (and I have mentioned this before) is that everyone can be as supportive (if not more so) when Danny begins to understand what has happened. For us, this is the hard part. We see simple human progress as monumental growth. And given what happened, it is. Danny moving his legs is a big deal for all of us. I am not looking to take anything away from those moments, but I do want to keep one thing in perspective; we are all going to be elated at some moment of progress when we feel satisfied that we can move on mentally from this event. Chances are the moment that we all feel relief is when this event is going to be just starting for Danny. Remember the pain that this moment caused you when you first heard that it happened. That is what Danny will feel. Make sure that you help him get back on his feet with love and support. He is going to need each and every one of us to be there for him. That is when his journey is going to begin. That is when Danny is going to need your love and support.

Thank you all for being there so far. There is a long road ahead and Danny is going to need you.

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  1. Stephen Schloss Says:

    You’re very right – the nurses do notice all of the support and love. My dad, sister and I went back to the hospital to bring some gifts and each of them remembered us and told us how rare and incredible it was, what we did, staying at the hospital 24 hours a day with my mom. They also told us about our neighboring patients and how they didn’t have that kind of support, or even close. Like I said in my previous message, it’s not something that you choose or want to do, it’s simply natural because you love that person. You are so fortunate to know that Danny is feeling and hearing your presence. How amazing does that feel now that you’re getting reactions? What a strong and powerful dude he is to be stomping through this the way he is. Just know it’s got so much to do with you sitting next to him and all of the support pouring in. Again, great job and keep it up. You’re providing something beyond medical care.


  2. Annie Says:

    We are all here for you – today, tomorrow and the next day 🙂

  3. Darlene Bailey Says:

    Our family thinks of you ALL everyday, you all are amazing. Keep up the good work, your writting is great.
    Danny can feel all the love in that room everyday, soon he will be asking what happened. i can feel it.
    Huggs to all,

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