Man Enough?

January 16th, 2011 by Conor

Tyler and Paul are two of the late night regulars here in the ICU. They are awesome at their jobs but frustrated with the extended title they have acquired – The so called “Male Nurse.” Why is it that they are called male nurses? Why not just nurse? You wouldn’t say “Male Lawyer” or “Male Mechanic.”

Yes, they are males. Yes, they are nurses. And Yes, they are cool and very good at what they do. In fact these guys really guys hold it down here on the graveyard shift at the ICU. They deserve to be called nurses without any qualification.

Just to make sure you know how cool these dudes are we took a little family photo here in the ICU. That’s Paul on the left and Tyler on the right. Xgames was nice enough to send this gear to Danny so we thought we would do something fun with it.

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  1. Cathy (Brown)Surette Says:

    My husband has a condition that lands him in a Boston hospital quite a lot. The ratio of men to women nurses is almost 50%…..the term “male” nurse went out about a decade ago… guys were only teenagers then!! But male or female, they turn into family really fast. It’s nice to have them by your side during all these ups and downs. Keep doing all you’re doing, pace yourselves and minute by minute, Danny improves. 🙂

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