Words. Lesley Betts

January 15th, 2011 by Conor

i can’t really describe what went through my head when i heard the news about danny. disbelief; sadness; hope that it was not a reality, but perhaps something i heard wrong. i met danny through conor, whom i went to college with. being in the snowboard industry, i was always excited to hear what new shredding adventures they were on. way back when, conor and danny had approached me about getting danny hooked up with burton, so i gave danny some contacts the east coast reps who could get him set up. someone with his talent, energy, and drive, it wasn’t too long before he was one of the burton knowbuddies (Knowbuddy: a core influencer in a specific region, repping the best of the best burton has to offer). whenever danny was online, he would update me on all the things happening for him. you very rarely meet someone who is living out their dream and sharing with the world with such passion. it my life, i find that those are the best people to surround yourself with. i remember sitting in a burton sales meeting, and hearing the Anon crew talk about the knowbuddy, danny toumarkine, who recently won $10,000 at the the cholula triple air! i was so proud! i couldn’t wait to tell to danny that they were ranting and raving about him and congratulate him on his victory. its amazing watching someone succeed, and even harder to watch them fall.

i’ve been snowboarding my entire life, and often found comfort in losing myself and my worries in the powder and park. snowboarding for me, is an opportunity to clear my head and just be. in my short time on this planet, i’ve lost a lot of people to tragic endings: some to car accidents, some to cancer, some to snowboarding and skiing. i’ve always found a way to honor them, by putting a reminder of them on my snowboard – so in that time when i am clearing my head floating through the powder, i can send all those amazing vibes to the people i’ve lost. i wanted to give something back to danny, as he struggles through his recovery. something that people could put on their cars, snowboards, helmets, skis, and be reminded to send their positive vibes to danny. i had my good friends at InkMonstr make up some “danny is the bomb” stickers, and had conor use this as an opportunity to raise money to help danny. its my hope that everytime someone looks at that sticker, that they are reminded of danny. and reminded that life is an awesome adventure that we shouldn’t take for granted.

i’ll be riding my snowboard, sending all my love to danny – and anticipating the day that he can be riding again.
with love. lesley

ps. stickers are in the mail!

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