Words. and Shaved Head! Joe McCusker

January 15th, 2011 by Conor

i moved in across the street from Danny when I was eight. That winter Danny Conor and I were jumping off of his tree house into a giant pile of snow. Well Danny and Conor were. I wouldn’t do it because I didn’t want to hurt my vagina (I was a real pussy as a kid). Danny kept saying “You’ll be fine. The snows too soft to damage your vagina”. It wasn’t until the next day that I worked up the courage to jump and by then the snow pile at the bottom had frozen. The landing hurt real bad and it knocked the wind out me but Danny was right. My vagina was unharmed.

I’s been a couple years since I’ve talked to Danny but I wish him well and hope that he remembers this story (it may not have happened exactly the way I remember it) and that it isn’t deemed too inappropriate for the site but the other story I was considering involved a video clip of a German shepherd he found on the internet.

I had been growing my hair out for the past 4 months but this seemed like as good a reason as any to shave it again. The rest of the McCuskers send their best wishes to Danny and the family.

-Joe McCusker

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  1. karma chameleon Says:

    [can’t believe the webmaster let this post slide]
    not impressed

  2. Conor Says:

    This blog is not about you. It’s about Danny. I’m sorry if you are offended by this story but as his brother and great friend I know this story will put a smile on his face. I’m sorry if the word “vagina” makes up uneasy, however, I am sure that it is the least vulgar of any words that could be used in this write up.

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