January 15th, 2011 by Conor

It’s 4:18 AM. Danny’s been moving around a lot tonight. His legs are bending and his right arm is moving from his stomach up to his trache and back to his waist. He’s goes through periods of movement and resting. I can’t imagine being restrained at the wrist and not knowing what is happening. The nurse often reminds him that he is in the hospital and he had surgery. From what I’ve gathered, it is scary when you start to come off the sedation and you have no idea where you are or what is going on. He coughs every once in a while. The respiratory nurse was cleaning his mouth out and Danny let out a huge yawn. It’s good to see Danny coming to life a bit.

It was fun to have Josh here. He lightened up the mood and gave us something else to talk about. I secretly took a photo of Conor and him sharing the bed together, but I won’t post it because I think Conor would get me back way worse. I still owe you four dollars too Josh. I won’t let that slide!


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