Artists we NEED your help!

January 15th, 2011 by Conor

It looks like we are going to be making a snowboard to raffle off for Danny. We have a good idea about the bottom sheet but we are looking for Danny inspired top sheets. If you have any ideas for the graphics but aren’t an artist please describe them in the comments section of this post. If you are an artist but not a graphic designer then please draw, paint, whatever-you-want your idea and then send it in the best way you can. Email your board graphics to and ill post them on the site. We will just keep looking for boards until we get the right one. The key to this is “Danny Inspired.”

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  1. Kim Beals Says:

    My first thought is to make a blended montage of a Mt. Washington photo blended into one or two others from his fav scenes/mountain views from out west. It would be a more artsy image but one that represents two areas Danny loves. The second thought is to do a top layer of all the amazingly funny beautiful photos of Danny smiling and laughing. No matter which photo I see, I smile or chuckle. They leave one feeling happy.

    I’d be happy to create a spec of the Mountain image and can work on it on Tuesday. The other might be more easily done by someone who has access to the Danny photos. I could do a spec of that one but I’d need all the photos sent to me. I would imagine we’d need a minimum of 10 photos, with up to 30 images. Let me know what you think. Kim

  2. Kim Beals Says:

    Conor, my company is an ad agency. We can do hip and edgy, or mainstream. It all depends on the client’s needs. In this case I just offered to do what came to mind first but also have other ideas. Maybe you could put this out there for people to just send in designs. Would be cool if you got a few boards to raffle or auction.

  3. Linda Burns Says:

    Kim…. you rock.

  4. Norm Says:

    I’m sure my son Douglas would paint a board for you if you would like that……see – Best to email me if you like the idea…….Hug your Mom for me Con, I’ve walked the same road with my son Andrew and I know exactly how it feels. I’m Right here if I can be of help, in any way at all.

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