Words. Zachary Quinn

January 13th, 2011 by Conor

It took me this long to build up the strength and courage to write. I was one of the first visitors to this site. I read the first thoughts and stories. I couldn’t make it through a sentence without crying. Danny is different than any friend I have ever had. We would laugh for days together given the chance but Danny was always str8 with me… he would tell me when I was being a dick or ask me “Zac really???? do you even believe what you just said?” he kept me true even when I didn’t want to be. Everyone remembers times they shared with Danny.. I could spend the next 24 hours telling u about times with Danny but for right now I’m keeping them to myself.. those moments, days, weeks, times….. those are ours right now and i kinda like that…

When this whole fund raising thing started I was a lil hesitant I didn’t want to commit to something I couldn’t follow through on, HA! now i find myself doing work! and I absolutely love it! i think to myself constantly…. what would Danny do? ( so gay to say that i know) but it really helps and bottom line is Danny would go to the end of the world for me and back… he really would. I want to be there by his bedside with the fam… I want to meet you Michelle! you sound like the girl version of Danny.. I wanted so much to be there with you and to see my buddy… but i know that he would approve and tell me I need to stay here and do what I’m doing.. this is my purpose right now.. this is god’s plan right now… I’m doing exactly what i should be.. Danny I want you to know how much I love you and how constant u are in my head… my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family… I want to tell you that today I shredded some gnarley pow pow! I was with you today man… I really was.. I laughed and hollered like we used to… I put my “sex” mix on haha u tooled on me for that thing… brotha it was like you were in my ear callin me out all over again! today was a good day my friend… and I know there are good days to come.. I just read ur brothers posts… again signs of ur strength! again proof that ur as strong as they come.

I’m waiting for you man.. I’m going to be here until ur making funny of me so much that i want to leave haha! I love you and your fam more than you kno… we’re goin to make things happen over here! i know you’ll do ur part and make things happen over there.. till i see you again deaner! I love you and will be here on your side always! ahhhhhhhh brahhhh!

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  1. Sara Nicole McNally Says:

    Zac, Love you my freind! You two together… endless amounts of love. Lol.. share a quickie for you.
    You may bot remember, lol. But we were at the parka one night, and you were at your finest. You andi were dancing, and Danny was being Danny, sitting watching you love life. Beaufitul words of wisdom come from you, “if it feels goood, do it” Then you picked me over your head (by my CROTCH) and spun me in circles. LOL!!! I screamed and hit you… i think that is a time when Danny might have implied you were a dick. But, he came up and made sure i was ok… and yes, i was. But that reminds me of the love Danny has for his friends. Obscure and random, i know. But thought that would make you smile.
    I love you Danny. Thank you for being you.

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