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January 13th, 2011 by Conor

Ever since I heard about Danny’s accident, minutes haven’t gone by without me thinking about him. I’m constantly refreshing the Dannyisthebomb.com webpage for news and I’ve been enjoying reading stories about him. Now that it’s 3:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep, I thought it was an appropriate time to write what’s on my mind.

I’ll start from the beginning … Pine Tree Elementary. Just like every other girl, my memories of him are vivid and pretty emotional considering he is the first boy I was ever in love with. Yes … in love. I, as a sixth grader, of course went about it in a very mature fashion. I would call him, and then hang up the phone if his mom answered, did some chasing around the playground, and pretended to be interested in the Chicago Bulls because he liked the Bulls. How could I not love him, he was the stud of the playground- the man made an inhaler look cool for God sakes. I remember wishing I had one because he had one. One day in sixth grade, I finally got the cajones to ask Danny out. Whilst eating a green fruit roll-up, I went for it, and he said yes. Unfortunately, I think the romance fizzled out within days.

He was always an innovator, and it doesn’t surprise me that he’s helped pioneer Shreddy Times. I remember (again, back in sixth grade) our assignment was to invent something. Whereas most kids were inventing pretty unoriginal things, I remember Danny’s project blew everyone’s out of the water. First of all, his presentation was a movie that he had made … and considering the times, it was pretty advanced. I think I wrote my report on a typewriter. He invented something where you can practice your snowboarding moves even in the summer by some contraption he made and using it on a trampoline. Fast forward 15 years and look at where he has come – he was made to do what he does… and it seems like he’s still the stud of the playground.

Unfortunately, life takes over and our paths haven’t crossed in a few years now, but Danny is unforgettable. I have an awful memory, and the fact that I remember these stories so vividly says a lot about his character and the impact he has on people. He’s a genuinely good person… the kind that makes the world simple and carefree. I have always admired his passion and motivation – and of course just thinking about his laugh makes me smile. I was trying to think of something less corny to say, but there’s no other way to … he’s got a beautiful soul. Good things happen to good people and with his fight and all this lovin and positive energy, he’ll be out of this in no time. Danny IS the bomb.

To Conor, Michelle (although I don’t know you), and the rest of the family … he’s really really lucky to have amazing people like you by his side. I’m in awe of your love and support. Take care of yourselves and I’ll continue to send love and positive vibes your way!


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