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January 13th, 2011 by Conor

I met Danny T. in high school when I was a sophomore, Danny was in 7th grade. If there was one thing I had to use to remind me of Danny it is his laugh. Ever since Ive known Danny his laugh hasn’t changed the slightest, amazing because I still feel like my laugh changes on a daily basis. We became best friends through my high school years, and this is my first memory of him.

It was a long ass time ago, but I’m sitting in my art class preparing to start my work. This small fry 7th grader walks into the classroom and takes a seat by the instructor all the way across the room from me. I thought it was a little off because we were deep into the semester and I hadn’t seen him before. I thought little of it after that and resumed my work. Its relatively quiet in this class, but all of a sudden I hear this ridiculous laughing sound. It sounded like some sort of rain forest bird or monkey mating call or something and whatever it was it startled me in my deep concentration, enough to cause me to break my pencil tip off while drawing. I looked up and it was that little 7th grader laughing out loud to HIMSELF alone in the corner by the instructors desk lol, looking at his own masterpiece he had been working on. I still to this day don’t remember why or how he became a part of our class as a jr. high pipsqueak, but from that moment on after I had gone over to introduce myself and trade thoughts on our artwork we were inseparable.

Danny has always been a crazy cat, whether it be shredding it up on Cranmore as kids, or jumping off bridges during cabrew trips in the summer months, he has always been the star of the show, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Below I have shared some photos from a summer day at the rope swing at Crystal lake in Eaton, where my sister Ashley, Danny and I used to go all the time to cool off and challenge each others high flying acrobatic abilities. There is one in particular that gave me the idea to post these pics, because the Danny I know is the smart alec clown that will do anything to get a laugh out of the people he is with. I’m sure you will have no trouble figuring out which photo I am talking about haha. Sorry if the photo quality is poor ( it doent look too bad), but it is from probably 10 or 11 years ago ( Ellen 🙂 ), and the camera is a disposable underwater guy. Enjoy and godbless everyone for their contributions to this wonderful family that I had the privilege of surrounding myself with for many years.


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