Words. Claudia Goguen

January 13th, 2011 by Conor

My name is Claudia and my husband and I met Danny over the summer for a very brief moment. When I mean brief, I mean two minutes max. He seemed nice and we have been involved with Shreddy Times. As soon as I heard what happened I have been checking for updates multiple times a day. Dannyisthebomb.com is perpetually on my computer screen. The second day the web site was up my daughter came and sat on my lap to see what I was doing. I was reading through the text and had refreshed the page to see if anything new was added while I was reading. This action made the screen reset and the header was in view. My daughter, Julianne, looked at the picture and stared. After a second or two her eyed widened and she said, “Ohhhh Mama, who is that?” I simply told her, “Danny.” As my suspicions we right there was an update while I read. I immediately started reading the new entry. Upon coming to the end of the page I scrolled down. This action provoked a profound and violent action in my usually well-mannered two-year-old. It didn’t take me long to figure out she wanted Danny’s picture back on the screen. After scrolling back up, Julianne calmed down and intently stared at the face that smiled back at her. Just when I was about to lose patience (I wanted to finish reading) she put her had up on the screen gently rubbing his cheek with her tiny hand and said, “That’s Danny. He’s so cute, he has a star on his nose.” She continued to stare and talk to him as if he was in the room. This conversation continued for a short time and I couldn’t help but wonder what she was talking to him about. Although she speaks very well for her age and I can understand 99% of what she says, when she isn’t talking to you specifically she says things very quietly, very fast and sometimes through giggles. All I know is at the end she sat back in my lap with a smile on her face and looked at him intently with her head tilted to the left. I had to leave his picture up all day.

I am not sure if she was just smitten with his picture or she knows more than she is saying. I have always heard that children of a young age are more perceptive to things and can feel what others are giving off. I didn’t tell her that he was hurt or in the hospital. But she could have been perceptive to my feelings as I read through the posts. Either way it was very touching and I thought when Danny wakes up he would want to know he is blowing the ladies away!

North Carolina

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