Words. Jack Byers

January 12th, 2011 by Conor

I did not know Danny personally. The first time I heard his name was my freshman year of college, when my good friend Seth came running into my room and brought up Danny’s promo. Seth had know Danny from shredding at Cranmore (I think) and was so stoked to see him throwing down at Northstar. I couldn’t help but agree, he had a style I had never seen before in snowboarding, and he was smooove as buttah on rails.
While I don’t have any memories outside of that, I was a bystander in a similar situation and I believe I can provide some hope and encouragement to Danny and his Friends.
Let me give some background… When I was a sophomore in high school, my best friend was involved in a skiing accident leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. Doctors gave him an initial chance of survival somewhere in the neighborhood of 0%. I knew my homie was a fighter and if there was still an ounce of life in him he would grab on and fight for it. From what I’ve heard and read about Danny, he’s the same way.
It might seem like just being there for him isn’t helping but when my friend came out of his coma he said he could hear and remembered just about everything that was said in his room. Being there for him and talking to him even if he can’t respond will have a huge effect.

Danny, you got this one. It may get frustrating at times but keep on pushin homie! I’m sending my vibes!

Jack Byers

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