Words. Grant Bowen

January 12th, 2011 by Conor

I met Danny at Mt Hood this summer. I knew he was a good dude from the moment he I met him. Super friendly and charismatic among many other admirable traits. He was the only dude (camper, digger, pro) I met that week who could throw down on the beirut table. He attributed that to his east coast roots. After a great week at Hood I was stoked that Danny and Moss would both be in Tahoe this winter. Opening day at Squaw finally came around and the first lift of the season i rode up with Danny and Moss as it was dumping champagne pow. I was super excited to finally have some amazing snowboarders and great people to ride with this season. Being from SF i only get to ride on the weekends and a few additional days here and there so i was pumped that the Shreddy Times guys came out on the weekends to ride. I was honored when i made the Shredit #2 as i never thought I’d be in an edit with a rider like Danny. His trick selection and style is so captivating and motivating. I’d anxiously await the next Shreddy Times edit to see what new cool creative riding ensued. I’m now anxiously awaiting when this will all be over and everyone can have Danny back!


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