Words. Ashley Lanzilotti

January 12th, 2011 by Conor

Danny and I go way way back as friends, in fact, I think he was my first high school crush. Back when he was a little pretty boy with a clean cut haircut and a baby face which he of course still has and probably will always possess. It’s funny to look back and think that I was intimidated by Danny, when now I make fun of him, for any reason at all. I remember my first FliGi sweatshirt (which of course I still have), and partying at SNHU one halloween. Danny always has the most creative costumes.
My first memories of Danny are just as great as my latest ones. Before Danny left the valley to go back out west, I got the pleasure of “shredding” NoCo’s finest with him. The one and only Cranny. We got to joke about how “gnarly” the park is, and laugh at one piece suits and jeans. I think Danny said once, “This must be denim day” and we all laughed hysterically. We had more time to laugh, and less time to ride because the lines were so long. Now I cherish those long lines, and that short time we had to catch up.
Danny is loved by soo many people, and it is great to see the support first hand on this site. It is always a hard task displaying your feelings when a loved one has been hurt. I think about you everyday Danny, and I pray to a God that I don’t necessarily believe in, to help you heal. Get better so we can all really brag about how much “Danny is the bomb”.
Give us your contagious laugh once again.

Love, aLanz

PS. Conor – You are an amazing person, and we all appreciate what you are doing. Michelle – I don’t know you personally, but you seem to care about Danny incredibly. Danny will be so happy to see you two when he wakes up.

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  1. Shelby Says:

    Strong words right there. Love you lotts Alanzzzzzz! MISS YOU

  2. John Says:

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