Words. Ana Waitkun

January 12th, 2011 by Conor

Danny and I had met when we were little little, but didn’t know about it until we crossed paths again when i was in 6th grade and he was in 8th, at the “louis fuches” concerts that was held annually. You’d think a young girl meeting an “older” guy would be shy and nervous, but from the second he smiled and said “Hey Im Danny” i was put right at ease, or maybe even in a trance, as that is what began my first MAJOR crush. He was wearing a chain that had a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup hanging off of it and he proudly showed it off. I watched him play the drums, and secretly wished that i didnt have to go back to the elementary school so i could stay there all day with him in the Jr High. That was just the dress rehersal, that night was the big show. I remember making sure i looked really pretty, at least thats what i was hoping for, and a chance to get to see him and talk to him again. Turns out i got the chance and he even asked for my “home phone number” so we could maybe go to the movies sometime. I felt like i was on cloud nine! I knew there was something special about him and that no matter what he would always be a great dear friend.

We talked almost every night and thats when we found out our brothers grew up with each other and one birthday party my brother had, danny was so happy that he got invited too! Once i finally made it into jr high, danny was in high school and we continued our close friendship until the college years. We spent summer days working at Zeb’s General Store, and the days we didnt have to work we were at the river, obviously. Danny was always there for me no matter what. even through every little heart break from guys, danny knew that a get together to watch Shrek, go bowling, and or even a round of seven eleven doubles, would cheer me right up. He always knew just what to say, and when that guy laughs how can you not smile?

Danny always called me by my first and middle name, Ana Mariel. He said it in just the right pitch that i now constantly hear it in my head and cant wait to be able to hear it again. I found one of the entries he wrote in my yearbook, and it brought tears to my eyes,
“Hey Ana Mariel, wish i had more room to write..:( where do i even begin? we have known each other for so long, you have been so good to me and im sure you already know that. i thank you for everything that you have ever done for me. im glad weve become so close over the years. stay beautiful ana, i love ya, love always danny t #3”

Always thinking of you Daniel Carroll and cannot wait until i can see you and hear your voice again! you are amazing! <3

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