Thoughts from the Graveyard Shift

January 12th, 2011 by Conor

Danny, when are YOU going to give me something to write about? I am dying to tell the whole word that you opened your eyes. I really can’t wait to tell people that you are leaving the ICU. Michelle, me, mom and dad are getting a little too used to the 5th floor. It’s time for a change, but, unfortunately, that will not happen without your help.

Although I don’t think it is time for a whole awareness movement quite yet I am really looking forward to taking on the topic of helmets. Moss wrote a great Words piece and I am excited about the thoughts that it already provoked. It’s important for people to understand how much of an accident this really was. This could have happened to just about any snowboarder. Why Danny? I will never know.

Michelle is super stoked that her hat sold last night. I had to actually remind her a little while ago that despite her new entrepreneurial drive that I thought her time was better spent holding Dannys hand. Her efforts are awesome and I am excited by her ambition.

They just repositioned Danny because his ICP has been all over the place. From where I am sitting I now have a direct view of the whole right side of Danny’s skull. The white tape forms a huge backwords question mark on his head. I can’t believe they actually took part of his skull out from behind his skin. It’s hard to imagine that I could poke his brain by just touching his skin. I think Ill pass, for his sake and mine.

Danny’s ICP somehow just hit 63. I’m not a nurse or doctor but at this point you could call me a casual enthusiast – mostly out of necessity. 63 is reallllly high. Highest we have seen yet.

I’m tired of Pandora asking me if “I’m still Listening.” Please redesign your code to recognize movement in the keyboard and mouse. I am in fact “Still Listening!”

Today Michelle and I explored for the first time since Moss, Iris and Mayo left. We went to Target and a gym, both within walking distance. The gym thinks that Michelle and I are a couple and wants to charge us an enrollment fee. I can’t stand enrollment fees. Honestly, what does that really pay for? Entering my name in the computer? Can someone out there please help me understand this horrible thing.

Alright Danny I gotta make it back to the hotel before the sun comes up. Night dood. Love you!


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  1. Suzie (Hughes) Tawney Says:

    Conor and Michelle,
    My heart goes out to you and your family. My family went through a similar thing with me in 98′ and I can’t tell you how much he knows that you are there. He may not remember it later, but right now, he feels the peace of not being alone in this crazy place.
    My mom is a nurse on (PCU),the unit where he will go when he gets to leave ICU, her name is Sharyn Hughes. She is nothing short of an angel and will do everything in her power to make this time as easy as she can for Danny and all the rest of you. She’s usually the charge nurse so I’ll ask her to be the one to take care of Danny when she’s there.
    She works 6 days in a row and when she’s not there, Shelly Heckman, also one of the most amazing nurses I’ve ever met should be on. She’s a little goofy looking and walks a little funny, but take my word that she is the smartest smart ass I know. She’s brilliant and crazy funny. I would trust her with my son’s life. Tell them I told you to request her.
    I grew up in Great Falls where all of my friends were skaters and snowborders. There is a pretty great group of guys that are still around that are totally there if you need anything. put out a post and I’m sure you’ll get a response. Ryan Simonetti, Alan Wlodarski and Dem Kotynski just to name a few. Ryan and Alan are both on FB.
    Danny, Conor, Michelle and the rest of Danny’s family, know that you are in great hands, that I know for sure. If you have to be this far away from home, I’m glad you’re at Benefis.
    please let me know if I can be of any help. unfortunately, I’m living out of state, but I can answer questions and tell you anything you need to know about Great Falls.

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