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January 11th, 2011 by Conor

I have visited this site multiple times a day, watching for Danny’s improvement and also for bits and pieces of insight into the life of this young man. I didn’t personally know Danny, but growing up and living in Mount Washington Valley, you can’t help but know the Toumarkine name. When I heard about this accident I immediately felt a deep empathy for Danny and for his family and that started my obsession (so to speak) with wanting to know how this all turns out. My prayers are with you all! It’s so refreshing to know that this young man has touched so many people which leads me to make my contribution and share my thoughts, that and the fact that Conor’s words, “If you have bothered to come on this website then you either know Danny personally or have been affected or touched by him somehow”, kept speaking to me.

I have been touched, and I am truly inspired by the affect that Danny has had throughout his years, on hundreds or even thousands of people that he has come in contact with. It doesn’t appear to me that he even had to give it much effort. He is genuine, caring, loving, and has a spark for life that is contageous to those that he comes in contact with. What a wonderful way to look at the world, I bet he always has those “rose colored” glasses on. This and the fact that apparently his amazing family have the same zest for life, will pull him through this with flying colors.

So, To Danny: keep fighting to pull yourself back to your friends and loved ones, and the world, because with people like you in it, it shows that there is such a thing as “hope” even for those that have lost theirs.

To Conor: You are an amazing brother and your strength and persistence will help to see Danny through this trial.

To Ellen and David: What an incredible person you helped to mold and share with the world and all the people that have been fortunate to be affected by him in any way, big or small.

To Michelle: You are amazing as well. I love seeing the pictures of you, for through this all you continue to smile. And I love your hats.

Maureen Hussey

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