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January 11th, 2011 by Conor

I met Danny last season at Bear, but I didn’t even really notice at first. Apparently he was in the Am Series (and won too!), but the weather was so bad I didn’t even notice. Now that I think back I totally remember…his style, his attitude, he was the coolest kid there – the weather was weak, and kids were wrecking themselves, but Danny didn’t care. He was still having a good time, just doing stock tricks that were still sick. He was laughing with me about the weather, talking about other stuff, and like I said, looking back now I remember him more than ever. Later on that month when he came and helped us out in Tahoe I seriously fell in love with the kid, and you too Conor. These are the only pictures I have on my computer of Danny (which is weak), and Conor I have LOTS of pictures of you, but this day was sick! We all had a day to go ride together. Got to see how good he is at snowboarding, ripped the Kelly shack, stash park, etc.

I had a week off and even crashed a night or two at your guys’ place. We went and got beers and tacos, I got smashed, and when I woke up on the couch there was this little black dog sleeping with me. I think it was your roommate’s? I don’t know. But I let it out and gave it water before I left. Oh and I stole some stickers…
We hung out again at the Open, but that was really all business. We did have some pretty damn fun nights though, something about ‘hot suppa’, but I digress…
Things are already different this year, not seeing you guys yet with one CA stop done. I’m looking forward to the next time I do get to see you both. Last time I talked to Danny was after I sent him that board bag, and he seemed pretty pumped on it. No hurry on getting it back to me, but I do think he owes me a little for shipping… Ha! It’s cool though because I am still gonna get you guys up to AK like we talked about, and he can pay me back then.
Until then keep getting better Danny, and Conor: you’re the man.


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