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January 11th, 2011 by Conor

Danny, family & closest friends,

Since last week, I’ve followed Danny’s awesome website; it clearly shows that all of you are tirelessly standing by Danny while showing incredible determination & strength. I wanted you to know that I experienced a severe TBI head injury after a motorcycle crash on Rte 16/Ossipee on May 13, 2008. After being airlifted to Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital, I laid in a 14 day coma. I also spent six weeks thereafter without a large left skull bone, facial fracture, broken ribs, fractured shoulder, etc.

At that time, my family & closest friends endlessly surrounded me during the long hospital & rehab stay. Their mere presence will never be forgotten by me. Incredibly, the combination of family/friend support & terrific medical treatment lead me to be able to return to skiing at Mt Cranmore during the 08/09 season and to Northstar/Tahoe along with my daughter Cristin in March 2010.

This past weekend, many of the shredders & skiers in Cranmore’s Pro Room – the “shack” – spoke at length of the Toumarkines prior seasons with us at Cranmore. Many of us also said that reading your website lead us to ultimate confidence that Danny will experience a great recovery as family/friends continue to tirelessly stand right by him.

Keep up the great work and Conor please let Danny know that I look forward to seeing him. Your info through the site “Danny is the bomb” demonstrates a recovery on it’s way. When you guys hit No Conway, I am looking forward to Danny and I sharing war stories about the great recoveries that both of us will cherish, along with our thoughts about family and friends that we each are lucky to have.

Proudly skiing at Cranmore while continuously thinking about all of you !

Doug Fagone

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