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January 11th, 2011 by Conor

Like a lot of people, I can’t remember the first time I met Danny. We are both from New Hampshire and I spent a lot of time in the Conway area where he is from, so I’d like to say we met there? But I honestly have no idea, sometimes I wish I could remember, because I’m sure it’s a great story. None the less, the important thing is that I did meet him and I have a slew of hilarious stories to share.

One of the earliest times I remember was in January of 2009 at the SIA convention in Las vegas. Danny, Conor and I all found ourselves in the city of Sin and decided to take on the town. As only appropriate for a story about Vegas .. my memory is a little scattered but my most vivid memory is thanks to the photo I have shared. While standing in line for a taxi outside a casino, I believe while Danny and Conor attempted to convince me to go to my first strip club, Conor in a random act of genius bolted for a nearby strech limo. Confused and extremely entertained we watched from a distant as Conor worked his magic with the driver, and 10 minutes later we were partying on the strip in a limo we hadn’t paid for, with no destination.

A few months later Danny made his way to Colorado where I live. That trip is what started the hilariously strange inside joke between Danny and I of inappropriate emoticons to replace the “confusing” smiley face. Danny and I rapidly texted eachother our new creations while sitting on the chair lift as I choked back tears of laughter. No matter where we were, or what we were doing Danny always had the ability to make me laugh like that. Gut-hurting, red in the face laughter, usually at something weird he had said or done. I will never again be able to watch the Epic pass commercial with out thinking of him. “RING RING Danny.. its me! I’m on my Epic pass!” Haha At the end of his visit we coincidentally had both planned to fly back to NH on the same airline and with a quick switch were able to get on the same flight. We dragged ourselves out to bed at 4 in the morning and onto a plane where Danny claims I proceeded to drool on his shoulder while I snoozed ( which is false.) Drool or not, it was definitely the most entertaining flight i’ve had.

As I look back on these memories, I realize that they probably aren’t as funny or memorable to a lot of you, but as most people people know, Danny had the ability to make any moment a memorable one. He could make any one laugh, and left a stamp on the heart of every person he met. The week before his injury my mom was lucky enough to catch a chairlift with us at Cranmore. When she had to break the news to me about the accident it was like she had known Danny her whole life. Everyone who is reading this right now has been touched by Danny’s loving personality, charismatic style and talent and i’m sure, just like me is trying their hardest to help in what ever ways they can. I’m praying, every day and every night for his recovery, and I hope you all are too.

I love you Danny, get better soon because you still owe me ice skating.

Ashley ~0

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