Sedated in 5109

January 11th, 2011 by Conor

It’s 5:51 AM. Conor still looks small is his “huge” chair. We’re staring at the snack tree and thinking about the Chinese food that we have in our hotel. I haven’t quite figured out my eating schedule on the night shift, but for the record I did take a shower today. Conor keeps talking about this feast we’re having tonight…I can’t wait. Tonight was a stable night. It feels strange to become familiar with room 5109. The beeping doesn’t scare me anymore as I can monitor Danny’s vitals and see that all is okay. I’ve never missed someone so much that is laying only feet away from me. Cindy boosted his sedation a bit because he was moving around. The best is when the sedation and paralytics wear off a bit and Danny can squeeze your hand. It’s inspiring. Danny is inspiring.


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  1. Kris Says:

    Michelle…your posts are like a book, your brother must be super special to you for you to carry this vigil for him. He is so lucky to have you by his side! We live in mass, and ski up North, this was posted on the wildcat fb page, two yrs ago my son had what could have been a life ending crash …the drs said that if he hadn’t had a helmet on he would have been a vegetable or could have died. I will continue to ready your posts, and will add you guys to my prayers. Please keep the posts coming, and stay strong….<3 kjl

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