Michelle’s Newest Hat!

January 11th, 2011 by Conor

In between holding Dannys hand and sleeping Michelle continues to make hats. She just finished her second one. The last one sold in just 6 hours!

These hats are being made with lots of love while she watches over Danny. Ships quickly and makes for awesome pro ski/snowboard type gift. These hats are one of a kind and we love Michelle for making them! Michelle is also the Bomb!

This is her second hat. It is Gray.

Pics are from the cell again. Just like last time I will get the good camera out if necessary but this hats are much better than they look on my phone.

$100 and it’s all yours!


2 Responses to “Michelle’s Newest Hat!”

  1. Polly Allyn Says:

    Michelle…I want seven hats! One for each of Danny’s cousins. Thanks…Auntie Polly

  2. Julie Says:

    Thanks, Polly. What a great idea–good cousin solidarity! And thanks Michelle!


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