Getting Warmer

January 11th, 2011 by Conor

It’s 11:21 PM. Before Ellen walked out the door Danny gave her a hand squeeze. She was so excited she ran out to tell the nurse. It brought a big smile to my face and to hers as well. He started to reach for the PEG tube, but we had to hold his hands back. His blood pressure, oxygen, etc. are starting to stabilize. Cindy, our night nurse, said that maybe tomorrow the doc will let his temperature come up. This would mean less shivers and hopefully less use of the paralytics. The paralytic medicine paralyzes Danny to decrease movement and stabilize his ICP. Right now he is kept around 36.1 degrees Celsius which is 96.98 degrees Fahrenheit. The human body is at roughly 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep up the healing Danny!


8 Responses to “Getting Warmer”

  1. David Soroka Says:

    Ellen that must have been a great feeling to have him squeeze your hand

  2. Laurie Trapasso Pochelon Says:

    After working with folks with TBI for 12 years, every bit of progress is a wonderful thing. You go, Danny.

  3. Ellen Shea Says:

    It was an incredible moment.

  4. Diane Harmon Says:

    Ellen…..from one mother to another….I am so happy for your incredible moment. I just know you will have many more. Thinking of you, of course Danny, and the rest of the family. Big hugs from New Hampshire! (Nate Perley and Annie Perley’s Mom)

  5. Kathy (Josh's Mom) Says:

    So thinking about you today, Ellen. My love and prayers are with you all and hoping for consistent, strong recovery every day. Loads of love!!! Kathy

  6. Norma Haynes Wassall Says:

    A family of ski enthusiasts it could be one of mine lying there. My prayers are with all the family especially Mary Ellen.

  7. Lori Learn Says:

    Ellen, I was so happy for you when I read he squeezed your hand. One step at a time, and Danny will take them, with his family and friends by his side. Thinking of all you…

  8. Cathy (Brown)Surette Says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I have been looking through all my pics of when I lived in Conway. I have some of Danny and Conor at Cyndie’s 4th bday at Crystal Lake.It was so long ago, but in my mind I have all of you stuck in 1988. Please know that I am among the many praying for you daily. You grew your boys up with a zest for life and that energy is helping both of them through this now. Be ready to laugh as Danny describes all he heard during these days. I look forward to that post. We had many great days of friendship and I have thought of you dearly over the years. Please take care of yourself.
    Once again I say with love, “Happy Trails to you…”. Cathy (Brown)Surette

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