Chuck Norris… The start of it all.

January 11th, 2011 by Conor

Ian sent me this through Facebook and I thought it was worthy of sharing. Just to catch people up to speed. This conversation started when I told Ian that I was the proud owner of He was foaming at the mouth. Literally. Danny would want this message to be here:

Hey bro, just thinking about you and Danny, and i remembered one of the first times we met, hanging out on the river. we were discussing chuck norris joke tee-shirts. we had some laughs, so i looked up a few chuck jokes that i thought were hilarious, and hopefully lighten up the mood for u.

when the rock says “can you smell what the rock is cook’n” chuck norris replys it better be my lunch!

chuck norris has a daughter, her name is Hulk Hogan.

Chucks daughter lost her virginity… he got it back.

hope u had some laughs with that one man. liking the updates on danny. it sounds like he’s getting better slowly but surely. Miss you buddy, hope to hear from you soon!


chuck Norris once lit a fart in the Sahara forrest.

life insurance gets cheaper the further u live from chuck norris.

chuck norris took a million sleeping pills… it made him blink.

when chuck laughs, milk comes out of your nose.

chuck norris puts the laughter in Manslaughter.

chuck norris drove his mom home from the hospital after he was born.

3 Responses to “Chuck Norris… The start of it all.”

  1. alyssa hussey Says:

    This was a great idea. Nice job ian. It def gave me a few laughs while reading them. Thanks for sharing conor.

  2. skyler Says:

    at night the boogie man checks his closet for chuck norris

  3. steph denchak Says:

    hopefully you have seen this google search page haha

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