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January 10th, 2011 by Conor

I will never forget the first time I saw Danny because of the impact it made on me my freshman year of college. I remember standing in line to get my key to my dorm room with my best friend from home that was helping me move in. We were talking about how different people were going to be up in NH compared to Boston and how I didn’t think I would meet any one like my friends from home. While we were having this conversation and standing in this line of about 150 kids I saw something that sparked my interest 2 people in front of me. It was Danny’s bleach blonde wild hair with dark roots. loved it. He was bouncing around and you could tell he was telling some kind of wild story he was really into. At that point my friend and I turned to each laughed and I said okay maybe I was wrong. Danny and I met the next day when all the freshman were wondering around trying to get to know each other. Right away I could just tell by his energy how positive and enlightened he was. We became very good friends freshman year very quickly. He was my shoulder to cry on and the only person that could make me laugh when I was have one of the horrible days. I just loved being around him because I felt apart of his aura which made every thing better. I have some many amazing memories with Danny but some that stick out the most are; Going to Omega the trashiest club in Manchester and tearing up the dance floor together, having movie nights but laughing the entire time which caused us to miss the movie, studying together and not getting any where because we could never settle down enough to focus, trying to convince him to let me borrow his hats because he had the best collection (of course Danny being Danny it wasn’t that hard), and lastly our conversations about life, love, and dreams when no one else was around. Danny always had a way of making every one around him feel loved, happy, and safe. I am so glad that he has so many people now who are doing that for him. If there is any one that deserves all of this support it’s DCT. Conor you are also a man to honor. Your love for your brother shows through and through and I’m sure of it that he feels it when you are in that room. He will make it through and be okay because he has to many people counting on him and he would never want to let any one down. The world will hear that unforgettable laugh again and be able to feel that incredible aura he has. Danny and your family are in my thoughts every day.

Tiffany Leger

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