Words. Shay Johnson

January 10th, 2011 by Conor

I spent the summer at Windells Camp getting working with Danny. I had heard from Moss and Paul about Danny the roommate who would be living in their room and even though I can’t remember the first time we met, Danny was that guy you just were friends with immediately. He was so nice and had a great smile…let alone the funniest laugh you could hear doors down. I remember one day just sitting on a couch with Danny watching him work on Shreddy Times logos and stickers, enjoying seeing him get creative and running ideas out for discussion. That’s the best thing about Danny, he’s just the sweetest guy to hang out with. Even if it’s watching him work on a couch. Eventually when I saw him ride on the mountain, I was blown away at his talent and magnitude of riding. I caught photos of him all summer on the jump line at Windells like this one.

I haven’t seen Danny since camp ended but we’ve spoken on chat and kept in touch the past couple months. He’s still that sweet guy that you can’t wait to high 5 and hear his laugh. It’s been rad to watch Shreddy Times explode and get stoked on Danny’s riding.

Danny love you…be strong.

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