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January 10th, 2011 by Conor

I’ve been trying to think of what to write for a while now. I can’t seem to get Danny, Ellen, Conor or Michelle (despite the fact that I’ve never met her) out of my mind. When I started to think of my memories of Danny I realized I had way more than I thought.

I remember when Conor and Danny used to hate each other. Okay, maybe not hate, but they definitely didn’t get along for a few years way back in the day. It’s been really cool for me to watch their relationship grow and change over time and now, they’re the best of friends. I always hoped that my relationships with my brothers would end up similar to the closeness that Conor and Danny have.

I have memories of Danny’s head lolling on the bus in Ireland. It’s caught on video ..kid could sleep through anything.

Danny gave me one of the best pieces of advice to help me through school. He told me one night to make sure I got my work done before I played. I know it’s such a simple piece of advice but I really took it to heart and it’s one of the reasons I’ve had the success that I do in school.

HANDS DOWN the Toumarkines have the best laugh. There is no doubt about it in my mind. It is contagious and can light up a room. I wish Conor could upload a clip of Conor, Danny and our cousin Jesse laughing at something when we were on our Ireland trip in 2000. No one but our Aunt Julie knows what they were laughing out but I think that’s what makes the video even better. Picture three teenagers sitting on a bed staring at something unknown and just bursting into giggle fits. It’s my favorite part of that video.

I am so proud to be Conor and Danny’s cousin. I show off shreddytimes.com to all of my friends and make them watch countless edits. I brag about your dreams and your goals and plans for a professional video. Everyone I show is awed by both boys’ talents. Whether it’s living in South America or just cabrewin’ in the valley, Danny always seems to be living the dream (and I was always a little jealous)

Right now I wish that I could be out in Montana. Being a nursing student gives me comfort when I read the updates. I can process why certain things are being done and everything seems to be falling in to place. I realize that I am fortunate to have this information because some of the readers have no idea what’s a positive change or a negative change. I have no doubt in my mind that Danny is getting the most excellent care right now but I wish I could be at his bedside helping him heal.

I love you, Dano, I can’t wait to sing Silent Night again with you.


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