Words. Christi Nasser

January 10th, 2011 by Conor

How did you meet Danny?

-My name is Christi Nasser and I meet Danny at Windells this past summer 2010, I had broken my foot and thought I could maybe help out at the demo shop where Danny and Jenny Curto were trying to get all the gear ready for the kids. Danny didn’t waste anytime; he had me sorting out and organizing Burton screws by size with him for as long as what seemed like forever at the time.

What was the funniest thing that ever happened while you were hanging out with Danny?

– One night in Staff housing I walked over to Danny, Paul and Moss’s room to see what the crew was doing. That room held nothing but laughter so I always wanted to get some laughs in. One night Danny and I were watching Moss who was trying to figure out how to put a battery into this camera. Moss was talking to himself out loud during every step on how he was going to put this battery into the camera. Danny and I were watching his every move and then we couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer we about fell on the ground laughing, Moss was still oblivious to it all. At the time, it was the best laugh I had had all summer. After that I just wanted to be around their good vibes all the time.

What is your fondest memory?

– Danny and I were both hurt at one point during the summer so we decided we would spend a day running our errands together around town. We had a blast shopping and eating it was the greatest errand running day known to man haha. I think he had more girly chores to run than any guy I have ever met, he took me to fabric stores, Michaels, Star bucks, book stores, the list goes on. I even won a bet on which bookstore we were in and I’ll never let Danny forget it. Haha.

How did Danny impact your life?

-Well After landing the best job in the world at Windells, I had only been working there about 3 weeks when I had an 800 pound stairset dropped on my foot and broke it real good. After this I was pretty upset and bummed which isn’t my personality at all. Being around Danny made me forget about the broken foot and made me realize that everything happens for a reason and I will be healed soon. He made me want to stay at Windells during the healing process and eventually my foot got better and I was back on the slopes and give all my thanks to Danny for that. He was always there for me when I needed a good laugh.

What are you most looking forward doing with Danny when you get to hang out next?

-We both have the weirdest almost addicting laughs and together its unstoppable, we sound like little evil elves taking over the world. So I can’t wait to reunite our laughs once again!

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