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January 10th, 2011 by Conor

I don’t now Danny, but a friend on facebook posted the website for Danny and I have been following ever since that day. It hit home for me because my best friends brother has suffered a head injury like Dannys and I know exactly what you guys are going through. Its a rough road, he knows you guys are there and that’s whats most important. Danny is in my thoughts and prayers and so is the rest of his family and friends. I decided tonight to go on youtube and I looked up his name and watched all these amazing/funny videos of Danny. He is truly and inspiring individual. People always say to live life to its fullest and that is something he is doing and then some!

I was very apprehensive about sending an email, but after reading everything everyone has wrote and just the mear fact I have been following, I thought why the hell not. When Danny wakes up and is able to read all this he will see how many people he has touched and inspired to live life to its fullest and have no regrets doing so. Watching all the videos of him snowboarding and the “how to pick up a chicks” video was awesome and down right hilarious. I definitely got a good laugh out of it! I keep reading about this infectious laugh and I’ve heard it a few times on those videos. I must say, it made me laugh. Nothings better than a good infectious laugh! Anyways, just wanted to share my thoughts to everyone even though I may not know Danny. His story has touched me and hit home for me and I am pulling for you Danny from the West Coast!!

Much Love,
Cerese Sage

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