Interior Decorating.

January 10th, 2011 by Conor

It’s 3:31 AM. Danny is getting his teeth cleaned. She says he has nice teeth and I agree. Conor said he’s got the hair, the better metabolism, and he’s taller. Conor just got the geekier stuff (he said it, not me)…

…It’s Monday afternoon now. Last night was the first night that the nurse didn’t call the doctor. Danny stayed stable throughout the night and into today. He looks better, his neck is less swollen. He’s still all that I can think about. Conor is doing amazing things with this website and fundraising and all of you are giving so much love and support it’s incredible. I spent a little time today decorating Danny’s room with Ellen(or Els as I now call her). The wall is starting to look less bare and I’m sure Danny would appreciate the crafty touch. Talking to Ellen about Danny’s T-Shirt blanket they made together inspired me to start making some hats while I’m sitting next to him in his room. There’s five minutes left in the shift change before we can visit again…packing up and heading in.


I swear the chair is HUGE! ~ Conor

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