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January 9th, 2011 by Conor

How did you meet Danny?

I met Danny and Conor when my boyfriend and I were out in Tahoe visiting one of my best friends, Eliza Simoneau winter 07. Eliza is friends of theirs from their hometown, North Conway, NH, where Eliza and I also met. I was really impressed with how you guys up and moved to Tahoe, bought a trailer and were pursuing a dream, and were willing to do whatever to make it happen and you were.

Then, When I came back to live in Tahoe with Eliza winter 08 we hung out one night and it was amazing to see how much you guys had progressed even from just a year earlier when I first met you. I remember Danny was winning huge competitions and Conor was filming, doing management stuff & scheduling for Danny. It’s obvious how close you guys are, and have such a blast together and work so well together as a team. Conor, he’s lucky to have you sitting there by his side even if so many other people, like you said, are physically so far away.

I can’t even begin to imagine how hard this is for both of you right now….Try to focus on everything good…Conor, I’m sure you have endless amounts of fun stories to tell him about shenanigans you guys have gotten into together and how much he’s accomplished to raise both of your spirits while he is resting since his body is healing. It’s only going to take time to heal…. It’s not everyday you see brothers as close as you two…I am so so sorry to hear about what happened, and I’m looking forward to hearing inspiring stories about his recovery.

What was the funniest thing that ever happened while you were hanging out with Danny?

pretty sure I was cracking up the whole time about you guys and Eliza busting each other’s chops like you’re all fam.

How did Danny impact your life?

Eliza and I were talking the other day about how Danny is so passionate and driven…and how it will help him so much in his recovery.

What are you most looking forward doing with Danny when you get to hang out next?

Seeing Danny Happy and Healthy

Big Hugs!!!!!!!!
~Lisa Phillips

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