Words. Cailyn O’Donnell

January 9th, 2011 by Conor

In recent years I have only had the opportunity to see Danny and Conor a few times a year during the holidays and maybe over the summer. When all of the kids from North Conway are home on vacation we tend to see one another out at the Parka or at the Quinn’s Annual Christmas Eve Party. It always fun seeing everyone we grew up with and laughing about old times. Last time I saw Danny I probably only said hello, there were so many of us at open mic night!

When I think of Danny I remember hanging out in Conor’s basement room and Danny coming down to tell us some crazy funny story followed by that hyena laugh. Conor would probably tell Danny to go upstairs since for some reason right when Danny walked into the room all the attention was diverted to him.

Danny and I have a few good jokes between us, although they can only really be captured by a facial motion and crazy hand gesture (followed by a laugh no doubt). Next time I see him I will make sure to bust it out so we can get hysterical with laughter.

I am thinking about you and your family all the time. Hang in there and get better soon!

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