The Wedgie that Nearly Woke Danny

January 9th, 2011 by Conor

It’s 2:16 AM. Yesterday was a full day for Danny and I. We spent about 17 1/2 hours together minus the tea breaks and the nurse shift changeovers. Brandi is our nurse tonight. She just did some of the tests and got Danny to lift his left and right arm as well as move his feet-the most movement she had seen in two days. He was feeling uncomfortable and Brandi was able to communicate with him enough to figure out that it was his wedgie. Aside from the wedgie, things are going well. It’s been a mellow night. His temperature has been more naturally regulated thus far and he is on less paralytics and doing fine with that.

Elizabeth Barbiero….thanks for the good laugh. I agree, the Potterman has amazing spawn.

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