Insert Food… Now

January 9th, 2011 by Conor

It’s sunday afternoon. Danny is resting and Wayne is our nurse. He had the PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) tube put in this morning. He handled it very well. The procedure seems to be relatively noninvasive. They shine a light, from the inside out, through his stomach to find the best entry point from the outside. Now that the PEG is in there, it will be there for no less that six weeks. This doesn’t mean that he can’t leave the bed or eat during that time, it just takes that long for the feeding tube to heal properly before you can pull it out without fluids from the stomach leaking inside his body. Since the procedure, things have been smooth. The doctor warned us that there is a likelihood of developing pneumonia because of all of the stuff going on. They have detected it in small amounts and are treating it with antibiotics. Although this stuff is routine or common, it is still very nerve-wracking. There are no black or white answers with TBI.

Yesterday’s nurse brought up that we have an amazing neurosurgeon for Danny, Doctor Gorsuch. That is something that we did not choose. It is whoever is on when the accident takes place. Gorsuch has been truly a great communicator with Danny’s family and friends. The other day, when he came out of the operating room to give us an update, he sat right down on the floor and spoke with us until we ran out of questions. What a humble and down to earth guy!

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