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January 8th, 2011 by Conor

I can’t exactly remember the first time I met Danny but I have many funny memories with him as do most of his friends from what I have read from previous posts. I went to high school with both Conor and Danny and I made friends with Conor before I was introduced to his “little brother.” Danny was on the Kennett High Golf team with me. A lot of you might not even know that Danny was into golf, but we had some great laughs out there on the course. On the golf course is where I made my nickname for Danny. Every time Danny hit a ball off the tee and it was a good shot (which wasn’t that often lol) Johnny Baker and I would yell his name like DAAAAANNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! So to this day, every time I see Danny I greet him with the Dannnnnnnnnneeeeeee. He had one of the funniest, yet memorable swings I have seen to this day. I can remember the first year he joined the team and coach and I were watching him hit balls and although his swing was quite unique, he hit the ball pretty good. One day at practice Danny, Johnny Baker, and myself went out to play a couple holes. We basically just made fun of each other and goofed off the whole time we played. I’m pretty sure there was one hole where the three of us teed off “Happy Gilmore” style. Coach even came out to us on the 6th hole and YELLED at us because we were having too much fun and were not taking it seriously and threatened to NEVER take us on a match again. While we were being reprimanded I couldn’t help but look at Danny and when we met eyes we both died laughing. As you all know, once Danny laughs its contagious! That’s when coach peeled off in the golf cart. Another time at practice (I even think it was Danny, Johnny and I playing together again) we were on a hole and Danny crushed his drive and hit a great second shot onto the green and had a putt for birdie. This was huge because Danny had never made a birdie before. He hit the putt and it looked good from the start and he made it!!! I have never seen someone do a dance like he did and run around like a complete idiot on the golf course. I was rolling on the ground laughing. He was so excited to make a birdie and I am so glad I was there to witness the celebration. We talked about the putt for weeks if not months. I can’t wait to remind him of his sweet birdie when I see him next.

I have had many fun times with Danny but I’m not sure there is enough room to write them all. He really is a great person and I honestly don’t think I have ever seen him in a bad mood before. Such a positive person and I am glad to say that I know him and am proud to call him my friend. Danny, I love you and I know you will get through this!

Sending good thoughts and prayers to Danny and the whole Toumarkine family.

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  1. Sarah Keyser Says:

    Danny and family,

    I can’t help but check in on your recovery several times a day. As I’m sure everyone has seen, from one minute to the next, things can change drastically and I’ve enjoyed seeing things posted like “moving his toes” and “squeezing my hand”.

    I also can’t help evaluating these posts like the dorky physical therapist that I am. But as I see these successes, I think about your nervous system and how the furthest parts away from your brain are your fingers and toes. And if those are moving and beginning to gain strength, that is such a wonderful sign of good things ahead.

    My family is following your recovery as well and we think of you often. We have decided that glow-stick twirling would be a great addition to your therapy for hand-eye coordination….once you are ready of corse 😉 Only because you were so good at it before the fall. (I have to let you know that story still makes my grandmother laugh…..what a night! haha)

    Keep going Danny! I like the progress thus far and look forward to hearing more. And well wishes to all those around you who also needs hugs and support. You are all amazing!

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