Words. Sean Guinard

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

Daniel Son, what can I say but amazing things about him.. There are only a few people I can honestly say I have never had a bad time with and he is one of them. From smothering everything in Franks Red Hot at the Island to me following him down a trail trying to do everything he does (never succeeding).. to watching a sunrise on top of Kearsarge after a night of endless laughter with the butcher from Hannifords…

He has a way of always finding the most fun activities despite the weather the location or the people he is with..Hanging out with him and Conor has changed the way I attack each day.. ALWAYS CHARGING!! He always told to me I needed to get out of Conway and do big things and getting a call from him when I did was one of the best calls I’ve ever got.. He is so unselfish and generous it was humorous at times.. Every time we were at the island u knew when he was feeling good cause he would bring out all his new gear and toss it out to everyone saying “I prolly won’t wear that”…haha

Danny is a kid who could do anything. He is such a natural at anything he does it is a pleasure to watch. But at the same time so humble. I remember being at the Red Jacket at the water park with him and shooting hoops in the pool playing a game of horse. I think he made 15 shots in a row the last one being from half way across the park following by his one of a kind laugh..

Danny has more drive in life than anyone I have met (Conor you’re a close second) he sees and conquers. His strength with carry him through this and I can’t wait to be floating down the Saco sharing a cold one with him when I get home to the states!! Ellen, Conor and the rest of the Fam, stay strong, my thoughts are with you all!! I’m half way around the world but anything you need I’m here for you! Love you Daniel Son! See you soon

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  1. Kelly Trapani Says:

    I dont know your friend, but after reading what you wrote, I feel a sense of the Man He is. My thoughts and prayers are with Him. I will help with the fun raiser in anyway i can.

  2. Dick Delaney Says:

    Hi Conor,
    My name is Dick Delaney and you guys know my son Sean. I just wanted to put you on to the website for Cody Marshall. He is the U.S. Ski team athlete who suffered a severe head injury about a year and a half ago. It is thinkcody.com, and it is full of a lot of information from the earliest days of his injury up to today. It will definitely give you folks a good perspective on what you can expect to be dealing with in the coming weeks and months. As far as fundraising for Danny, this valley will come together as we always do and get something done for him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and it is really inspiring to read all of your posts. Keep the faith!!

  3. Cori Donovan Says:

    I am proud to say I grew up in a town that can come together the way it has when “one of our own” has faced such a hardship. It is truly inspiring to see the outpouring of support. We should all consider ourselves lucky to have roots in such an amazing little place called “the valley”!
    I didn’t know Danny well at all, but I selfishly wish him a speedy recovery. I would love the chance to hang out with him. From the sounds of it, it would be a memorable and most enjoyable time!
    My positive thoughts are with him and his family!

  4. Christie Chauvin Girouard Says:

    Pine Tree School, 6th grade class trip to MA for the 5 day excursion to Stone Environmental School. Driving behind the bus with my daughter, Nia, and Jenny Brennan. Danny (strategically sitting in the very back of the bus) would turn to periodically smile and wave. Loud screaming would ensue, “Oh my God he is soooooo cute!!” A smile that appears to be infectious to this day. Many prayers to you, dear one…and thoughts of strength and courage to your mom. I struggle to imagine what you are all going through. Grace be yours.

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