Words. Rob Renzelman

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

For some reason the main story I can think of about Danny involves him shouting
“beerstein!” the story is way to stupid to try to explain but it brings a smile
to my face. I first met Danny when I started at SNHU. I was starting school and
moving in with 5 strangers who were all sophomores. Danny was the one to call me
over the summer even though he wasn’t my direct roommate. Danny was also the one
who made me feel welcome right away and always tried to make me feel included
and part of the group. The cynic in me wondered at the time if he was being so
nice because I was the only roommate over 21 so he wanted to keep me happy to
keep the booze flowing but anyone who knows Danny knows that’s not the case. I
ended up spending almost all of my time in college with that group and had so
many great times. Danny (and Tommy) also made me feel like North Conway was a
second home. There are so many great memories of hanging out with DCT. From
Renz/Jock Jams, to Beer Wars, Cabrewing, Halloweens in NoCo, him trying to
explain “touche” to his ex, minty fresh and cloudy days and so many more. Also, I
want to praise Conor for all that he is doing to make us feel part of the
recovery and the family. I know it can’t always be easy but I really appreciate
this site and the other things you have done to keep us informed and involved

Rob Renzelman

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