Words. Nate Perley

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

It’s hard to even put thoughts to words. This stuff never happens to someone that you know…… until it happens to someone that you know. Danny, I know you can feel the surging support from all over the country. The world is buzzing with anticipation for your full recovery; it’s truly amazing.

I can remember the first time I spent the night at Danny and Conor’s house. I was probably in 2nd grade. Fittingly, there was a huge snow storm that night and what seemed like 20 feet of snow was waiting for us in the morning. Yeah, we did the usual… snowballs, forts, sledding… then I see Danny and Conor up in a tree house (which seemed a few hundred feet off the ground at that age). “Climb up!” I hear. Before I could even reach the top, Danny goes launching off of the tree house and disappears in the powder below; Conor was quick to follow. I stood there for what seemed like an hour. Terrified to jump. Had it not been for the reassurance of Danny and Conor that it was good to go… I would probably still be standing there. Flash forward: I worked with Danny on the Saco river. Anyone that knows Danny, knows that combining his name and “river” is an equation for awesome. All the times spent just hanging out at the boat landing with the guys; seeing how almost everyone that came off of the river knew him somehow. Everyone always seemed to hang around just a little bit longer after their trip to talk with Danny. I hurt my back that summer and would get about 5 steps with a canoe on my shoulders before Danny would yell at me to put it down so he could take it (thanks man). Good luck trying to be in a bad mood around him too. For Danny, that is an instant challenge that he is determined to crush…. and he always wins… hahaha.

All things said, Danny Really Is The Bomb. I can try to keep jotting down random memories, but every time I do… I’m just brought back to the beginning; looking up, seeing this little kid jumping from a tree house, flying through the air with an enormous smile, then landing softly in the snow. All I could think to myself is, “That kid isn’t afraid of ANYTHING!”

Everyone is pulling for you Danny. Conor, you stay strong too. Wishing all the best to your family right now.


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