Words. Kelsey Bartlett

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

When I first met Danny we were in 7th grade! We met a few time to go night skiing, he wanted to go skiing, and after putting up a fight becasue I can not snow board for the life of me, and having huge feet for a girl switched my skis and boots for Dannys board and boots! He made it down just fine while i was still stuck in the middle of the hill! Once I made it down, with some help from Danny yelling up at me, he wouldnt let me live it down he laughed at me for the rest of the night. I am pretty sure if we were to do that again today I would still be stuck, But Danny being the awesome guy that he I am willing to bet that would still come save me and laugh at me again!

To this day when Danny comes home and I see him he always greets me with a huge smile and a big hug! He truely is an amazing person and I have been so blessed and lucky to have met hom and spent time with him.

I wish Danny all the best and a very speedy recovery!
To Conor there is nothing like the love of a brother- I have two and we have been thru alot as you know!
Hang in there Danny is strong and a fighter!!!

Stay Strong Danny!

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