Words. Jon Mccabe

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

After deciding to go to Utah for the first time on a ski trip with some guys from New Hampshire and Boulder I didn’t know what to expect to tell you the truth. If you would of told me before the trip that we were going to be fined for all kinds of things(one being a dope igloo formally known as Twiggy Top), I probably would of made other plans. Either way, we all mobbed up into Big Cottonwood Canyon with plans to shred the pow and mother nature provided some epic days. I love thinking back on the trip and realizing how free spirited everyone was at the time and we have all gone in so many directions. This was the first time I saw Danny in action on and off the slopes and there was nothing but good times to be had when he was around. My best memory would be when he strapped on a pair of skis in the middle of the night and threw a backflip off a jump and stomped it saying “skiing is sooo gay”. As a skier you would think I would take offense or be offended but it was all for the love of snow and fun. Danny has always been able to do anything he feels motivated to do and this has been inspirational to see as he has progressed in the snowboarding realms to show the world his talent. Now, I along with many others are hoping for a recovery so he can continue to inspire us to follow our dreams and keep that free spirited passion alive.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family Conor.


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