Words. Jodi Zangari

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

Mr. Dannyy,

Wooow. its hard to believe I’m really writing to you like this..what can i say, it is so rare in life to come by someone like you Danny. You have this energy about you that people are drawn to. This ability to inspire and change lives..what a gift. So many peoples lives have been changed for the better because of you..i know that mine has. Rhe time that i have spent with you has been so filled with life and laughter. Many times I will never forget. you have shown me a way of living that is full of passion, drive, and happiness at a level most cant appreciate. You truly are one of a kind and I feel blessed to have you in my life. It gives me great comfort knowing that you have Conor through all of this.
Conor, your strength is admirable. thank you for all the updates and trying to support everyone else on top of everything you are doing for Danny. the relationship between the two of you in unlike most and i cant imagine how you are keeping it together right now. i know that when Danny comes through this all that you have done will mean the world to him. So thank you Conor. i am so thankful that he has you!
it is clear that Danny is a very loved kid. With all the people reaching out from all over we can see there is no shortage in his support system by any means. So Danny, you keep fighting and when you return, we will all be here waiting for youuu! i cant wait to hear that contagious laugh of yours again my friend!!

Toumarkine family..i am truly sorry for the tragedy you have all had to endure here..but hang in there! time really does heal all..and Danny will pull through this one! if there is one thing he has shown us, its that anything is possible..and the impossible is only what you make it! so here’s to you Danny..and to possibilities! sending all the love and positive vibes I’ve got your way!

with love..Jodd

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