Words. Ethan Hedrick

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

Danny is one of the most honest and fun people I have had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with. On the river, chillin at the “island” in his kitchen, or running into each other outside of the 603 area, every encounter is a memorable one. A small get together of a couple friends and Danny always would turn into a night full of laughs and a great time. Everyone is aware of Danny’s talents snowboarding and really any activity that he puts his mind to. If anyone can go through a traumatic incident like this and make it out on top, Danny has the drive and determination to do so.

I am going to share a good time when Danny and Ian were driving across country and I was living in Nebraska at the time. They had planned to stop in for a couple nights to visit and break up the drive a bit, so I was stoked to see the both of them. It was great to catch up, hearing stories of their travels. After a fun night, we crashed at my place where I borrowed a futon mattress from a room mate for Ian, Danny had the couch. Half awake the next morning Ian was apparently trying to give me an apology, I had no idea what for, and didn’t really care, more sleep was needed. When I made it out to the living room shortly after, Danny was laying on the couch just pointing at the futon mattress “look what Ian did”. Clearly Ian had wet himself through the night leaving a stain that had to be 3 feet in diameter on the mattress. Danny’s presentation of the incident was priceless.

This may not be the best story to share, sense it will be in front of thousands of pairs of eyes and implicates Ian just a tad. I just wanted to share the story with you Connor, hopefully bringing some laughter to your day. I can’t imagine the position you are in now. I have an older brother that in the passed we have been very distant. We have just started in the last few months re-building a relationship. Danny is very lucky to have an older brother that will be there for him no matter what. I am sure that Danny is very aware that you are by his side and will always be there. I commend you as a brother, and wish you and your family the best to get through this.

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