Words. Dave Soroka

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

I honestly can’t remember the first time I met Danny, it was so long ago, and I have awful memory. It is so hard to put into words what I want to say, especially when I am not very good with words in the first place. I apologize if this is kind of long and all over the place. I know when he reads this he will most likely bust my balls about it. He is always quick like that.

I can however, remember so many of the times we have spent together. The summers home from college, our trip to Old Orchard Beach, the parties, hanging out and just watching ski and snowboard movies, and all the times he came down to San Diego to visit. He also spent some time with me down at Drummonds house in Baja. He was there the time when we accidentally locked ourselves out on the roof and we had to have the security guard climb through the second floor window to unlock the door. He may or may not have told you the snorkeling with the sharks story, or me teaching him how to surf. He got up on his first wave and so I just assumed he was fine after that. He also accused me of stealing his waves that day, to which I still deny ever happened. Every time I see him he ALWAYS brings it up, and it is still as funny as the first time he tells it. He definitely knows how to tell a story! I remember the summer we almost traded cars, my VW Golf for his Blazer. We decided it was a bad idea and about a month later my car broke down and needed major work to it. He is also quick with the nicknames, and I have had a few throughout the years. My most recent one is Addington, I remember the first time he called me that and I had no idea what he was talking about. I had called him and answered the phone with AAAADDDIIINGTOOON! I feel like I could go on forever, but I am not, I just wanted to mention some quick memories.

Danny was one of the people in a small group that really helped me get out of an unhappy state of mind I was in about a year and a half ago. Living in San Diego, I was just burnt out from everything including my job. I felt stuck. He was always there to listen and encourage me to make a change. I can’t even count the number of times he had to listen to my “I’m quitting my job this week” conversation. Pretty sure Conor got a lot of it too. He definitely gave me some tough love and he would get on my case about it. I would sometimes get annoyed, but he knew that’s what it would take to get me motivated. Like Rogers said he had the “don’t talk about it, be about it” mentality. I eventually took the leap and quit my job and started over, and I am so much happier now. I just want to thank him for being apart of that.

I have one more story. Every Xmas I make my routine trip back to The Valley to spend that time with my family and friends. This is also one of the times of the year Danny and I meet up to hang out. On Xmas Eve Danny and his family all get together every year and sing Xmas Carols. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to get a live listen on my way over to pick him and Conor up to go to the Quinn’s Xmas Eve party. I pulled up to what I think was their grandmothers house? I called Danny to let him know I was out front. The phone answers to him singing Silent Night with his entire family singing in the background. The song ends and he says “dude, one more song, you wanna come in and sing with us?” I said “no thanks” It was unbelievably funny, and probably one of those things you had to hear to think it was funny. Fortunately this year, I get a message from Danny on Xmas eve. It was him singing the Xmas Carols with his family. Luckily all of my voicemails get forwarded to my emails. I have forwarded the voicemail to Conor in hopes he can embed it on this post.

Danny I just want to say you are great friend I can’t wait to get off this boat and hang out with you again, I can’t wait to hear what my new nickname will be, and I cant wait to hear you sing some more Xmas Carols next year.

Oh and Danny, I really really hope they didn’t take your nose ring out. I know what you had to go through to get that thing put in.

Love you man,

Dave “Addington”

Silent Night with the Sheas. Decebmer 25th, 2010

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  1. Berkeley Says:

    dude i know what he had to go through to get that thing in…he almost passed out twice…the guy had to literally pierce him 3 times for the one hole…ohhh OB ; )

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