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January 8th, 2011 by Conor

To be honest I don’t even know if I am doing this right…..but I don’t care….I want more than anything to contribute something to danny, Clown….. truthfully it’s been all I can think about since I heard the horrible news…..People say bad things happen to good people, well this is true now more than ever….since the Toumarkaine family is some of the greatest people I have been lucky enough to know…I dont even know where to begin…..What to say about Danny T…..he was always the coolest kid, and when him and I became closer and closer as friends I remember (and I cant believe I am ever admitting this, since I know when he is better he will bring this up and never let it go…) I remember thinking how cool I even felt that Danny was one of my best guy friends..Like oh you hang out with dct wow girls love him and guys want to be him….I still believe this is true…..Him and his whole family….Conor you too…..And even their wonderful mother who over the years I’ve shared many conversations and laughs with….whether it was giving danny hell for how long it took him to get ready to go out….blow drying and straightening….or just talking about what was going on in our lives…..I have to say that both danny and his mother were there for me when on one else was….before I had the courage to move out to Colorado….and I think danny even helped pushed me to do so….I consider him family….So having him hurt I know you can all agree hurts us….simply because we love him so much…..

My favorite times with danny were always in the car as weird as that may sound…..ALWAYS jamming out….Either to Baby It’s Fact by Hello Goodbye (which I’m now thinking he’ll be pissed Im letting the world know he probably jams out to that in his car when he’s alone) or Wildcat, or anything for that matter…..One time in particular stands out to me….Danny had come to Plymouth to visit me as he often did when we got snow since I was closest to the mountain…..But we were driving in a snow storm to get to Loon for a nice East Coast powder day…..but it was taking forever with the weather to get there so as we were jamming out as usual danny told me about an invention idea he had….that we should somehow invent a hallowgram drum set….so that you could play the air drums to songs and look badass…..But all of you that know and love danny like I do know that this idea is right up his alley and not far fetched at all….Danny has always been a thinker….coming up with t-shirts and stickers and business ideas…..he is one of the most creative people I know….and everything he comes up with he stands behind…..We all know we still have a FLIGI shirt or hoodie still hanging in our closet or even a pair of underwear ladies…..@ least i know I do…..

Jeez I could go on forever….just reliving every wonderful memory with danny in my head just brings the biggest smile to my face….he has always been one of the only people who can make me laugh when all else seemed hopeless even if it was merely hearing his laugh…..I always cursed danny’s stubborn personality but now I am blessing it…..I know someone as stubborn as him will not only over come this but come away better than before…I can’t wait to all be home and have peanut and popcorn wars at the parka….or just watch movies or play wii and make ridiculous mii characters like chuck norris and jack black…..And let’s not forget how he is the best costume put together-er…Everyone knows that every Halloween you want to be hanging out with Danny or @ the very least you have to see pictures of his costume immediately the next morning…..I cannot even get into stories from the River or the Island and it’s crazy dance offs….because lord knows that will take forever, there are too many extraordinary times to even recall…..But I cherish every single one of them, especially as they rifle off in my head fondly as I sit here and write this….

I love you danny conor ellen david magic…..and anyone sitting by his side right now…..know you are all in my hearts and i pray everyday for you……all my love. CarlyJane

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