Words. Andrew Kirkland

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

I’ve never met Danny personally, but growing up I was turned to his Sponsor Me video on Youtube. First thought, Dang this kid can ride. He INSPIRED me to get back in to competitive snowboarding and to let loose and have fun again. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. I had the chance to see him in a competition at Northstar one year while visiting the west coast. Eyes were blown again. Guy has massive talent when he straps in. Being from the east and seeing another east coaster tearing it up on the west gave me a boost. I finally moved out to Tahoe and I have been loving it ever since. When Shreddy Times first started I was hooked. Good snowboarding and hilarious moments served up by Danny and the Crew. Seeing you guys make it to the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival was sick. Soo happy for you guys. Danny is true Inspiration, and a rad snowboarding. But you just know his personality is what makes him so successful and unique. I know WE all hope this is just a minor speed bump in what looks to be a promising future for him and the crew.

Get well soon bro, and best wishes to the Toumarkine family! Perseverance is the greatest key, something Danny deff has!


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