Fund Raising within the Valley…

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

We need to start a database of how people can work together to get this thing to go off…
If you have never used a Google document before it’s pretty cool, anyone in the world can add to these documents. Just open them up and start typing right in the document. It will automatically save and be updated to anyone else that looks at it.

Please add your name and information to the spreadsheet even if it is just so that we can email you and tell you when the event is.
Spreadsheet for contact info.

Here is a link to the document that I have created for discussion of the event.
Discussion on event details and ideas.

Hello Mt. Washington Valley!!! We have gotten the go-ahead to have a fundraiser for our buddy Danny T! Who most of you know has suffered a horrible accident snowboarding in Montana! Now, I ask all my friends and valley residents to step up to the plate to help create the biggest fund raiser the town has ever scene! Please email me with you ideas or anything you can do to help!!!


Whoever is reading this,
I have made contact w white mt distributors, Tuckermans beer, Cranmore MT and a few local business. All who are pumped to help! We need to put a meeting together for people who want to help. So we can outline the best ideas and find a venue. I think Cranmore, flatbread, or attitash grand summit ballroom would be the biggest venue! Let me know you thoughts and availability!
Danny Is The Bomb


If you are in the North Conway, New Hampshire area at all or have any way that you can help don’t hesitate to hit Bobby up. For those of you that are not in the area or that might want to make the trek when the plan has been figured out I will be sure to let you all know what is happening as this develops.

Bobby, you are the man. Make this thing blow big. I am here to help.

Share your info and how you can help!

22 Responses to “Fund Raising within the Valley…”

  1. Shawn Rogers Says:

    Bobby I live and work here in the valley,my kids Chris and Micaela are friends of Danny and Conor. chris is in Tahoe and Micaela in NYC so if there is anything I can do here to help the family please include me

  2. Tuckerman Brewing Company Says:

    All kinds of support coming your way from all of us at the brewery!

  3. Tara Watt Says:

    Hey Bobby!!!! I am down in manchester but let me know if there is anything I can do to help as well!!!

  4. Karen Stancik Says:

    Hi Bobby, I am a friend of David. Please sign me up as a volunteer for whatever comes about. I am happy to help with fundraising or finding other volunteers when needed. In the meantime I will search online for new fundraising ideas. On tuesday I teach a intro to management class and my students have to manage some type of event for a grade. If any of them do not have an idea of what they want to do I will encourage them to support Danny. I will stay in touch.

  5. Mallory Switaj Says:

    Hi guys. I live in Dover now and usually here about these type of events right after they have them. If you let me know when the fundraiser is, I will gladly support. Thanks!

  6. Paul and Joy Gray Says:

    Dear Friends,
    We are not in the area, but will help in any way possible, including financial and more important-prayer-constant. Danny boy, hang in there! Conor, Ellen and all–try to get rest as you can. We’ll follow this site for updates. Love, Us

  7. Polly Allyn Says:

    Hi Bobby…I spoke with Tom earlier today. Please keep me posted on any fund raising efforts. Thanks….Polly
    (Ellen’s sister)

  8. Cassandra Says:

    Hey guys. I have contacted as many local businesses that I can possibly think of for help with this event. I know everyone in this valley will pull together as we always do. Danny is for sure one of our home grown heroes and I am happy to hear about the squeezing and wiggling. Thinking of you guys and sending you healing wishes….. xoxo

  9. Donna Stuart Says:

    Hi Bobby – Like Karen, I’m a friend of David’s. I’d be happy to help – promotion, getting others to help, etc. Maybe there should be some kind of organizational meeting to get this started?

  10. Sarah Montgomery Says:

    Bob & Tommy!
    Let me know what you guys need help with, I can email/call businesses, pick up items, advertise for you, make some posters, whatever it takes! The Red Fox has that huge back room, fits a ton of people and is close by… I could ask Paul who runs it … Let me know when you pick the date and I can send it to the Chamber and the Sun too … I’ve emailed a bunch of people for raffle items … see you at Cranny on Wed. for the meeting, keep it up guys!!

    Dannnnnn, its Jannnnnn and Tannnnnnnnnn, stay strong brah, we love youuuuuu!!!
    Conor – your strength thru this is amazing, positive vibes to you and the fam!!!

  11. Bobby Blake Says:

    Everyone that has replied to the No conway Donations! We love it and we have made list of all of ur comments,and ideas! Together the T’s, Zac, Tommy J, Myself, the Valley, all friends of Danny, and anyone else willing, we are going to make this possible! Its gonna be above and beyond anything you have every scene. No Idea is a bad Idea… Keep them coming :)… Its gonna be something great for someone great… The sky is the limit! In DCT we Believe… Keep the emails coming

  12. Nancy Says:

    Count on gift certificates from the Artery when these plans are made. What ever I can do to help please contact me at
    Sending love,

  13. Tori Swirka Says:

    Hey Bobby, I can get you some ski tix all across New England to add to the fund raiser.. I’m emailing you right now with the list of mts and to get your mailing address so I can send them your way…Great job making a fundraiser like this happen!


  14. Nancy Martin Says:

    My daughter Sarah and Danny have been friends since Kennett High School days. Danny has always been one of my favorites! (How could anyone not love Danny?!)I’m right here in Madison…please let me know where I can be of help.

  15. Su Stacey Says:

    Hi Bobby
    I live & work in Madison – my kids, Nikki & Ian are friends of both Danny & Connor – Ian is in Australia so he’s not able to help directly but I am willing to do whatever I can – I’m available Fri – Sun & most evenings. Please let me know what I can do to help. Thank you for heading this up!

  16. Su Stacey Says:

    Hi Bobby
    I live & work in Madison – my kids, Nikki & Ian are friends of both Danny & Connor – Ian is in Australia so he’s not able to help directly but I am willing to do whatever I can – I’m available Fri – Sun & most evenings. Please let me know what I can do to help. Thank you for heading this up!

  17. Laura Guptill Says:

    I will donate some jewelry for a raffle or silent auction if you are putting one together.

  18. Ellen Belcastro Says:

    Hi Bobby – my sons Brett and Ryan are friends with Conor and Danny. Please put me on the list to help out in any way possible. I do have some fundraising experience, so let me know what I can do. Thank you for organizing this.

  19. Alexa Kimberley-Bryant Says:

    Bobby, Slim and I will do whatever you need help with. We are in the valley and our boys are friends with these boys. So our hearts are willing and more than eager. Helping will make us feel at least a little bit a part of Danny’s recovery. Looking forward to making this a huge community effort for a wonderful family. Alexa

  20. Kim Beals Says:

    Count me in for a signed and numbered limited edition print and a few posters.

  21. Laurie Trapasso Pochelo Says:

    Hi Bobby, I’m in Wakefield now but would love to help. You can find me on facebook.

  22. Gail Marrone Says:

    Hi Bobby, Our son Michael is friends with Danny and Connor. He lives near them in Tahoe. We would like to help in any way we can here in the Conway area. God Bless Danny and his family. Gail and Tony Marrone

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