Fund Raising in North Conway, NH

January 8th, 2011 by Conor

The information in this event pertains only to the fund raiser going on in North Conway, NH. It is slated to hopefully happen about 3 weeks from now. The plan is to do an all day event with raffles and live entertainment. We already have some ideas about locations but we could really use any and all input so that we don’t miss any opportunities.

If you have never used a Google document before it’s pretty cool, anyone in the world can add to these documents. Just open them up and start typing right in the document. It will automatically save and be updated to anyone else that looks at it.

Contact information for event

Discussion of event

I would like to be a point man for emailing and phone calls or 603-496-6621

If you are anywhere around the US and want to donate raffle items that would be huge!

If you want to mail your items though the postal service send them to:
Tom Jannuzzi
PO Box 153
Glen, NH 03838

If you want to Fedex or UPS your items please send them to:
Red Parka Pub
ATTN: Danny T
3 Station Street
Glen, NH 03838

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  1. Polly Allyn Says:

    Tom….count me in…Aunt Polly

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