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January 7th, 2011 by Conor

Danny is a person who always makes me smile, although we haven’t seen each other in a couple of years, I have many memories that will never be forgotten and I can look back and laugh about. I will start with his love, snowboarding, my father worked as an ambassador at Attitash in Bartlett, NH and I was able to get free passes whenever we needed them. We only went twice together because he loved Cranmore, but when he did come with me it was fun just the two of us having fun. Of course on the first run having never hit this jump or spotted the landing, he hits the jump and nails a back flip, now I have to go? What am I going to do? I proceed down and barely make a 360, probably the ugliest ever, and he said, “nice job guy”, and did the DCT laugh that we all love and we spent the rest of the day on that hill and having a blast.

More memories were making his notorious Pimp Mixes with Conor, Ben, Charlie, Tom, Josh, and others. Just sitting up in his room trying to find the right song list for that week to ride around in his Blazer up and down the strip. Going to Wendy’s EVERY day, or the rope swings. No matter what any of us did with Danny, we always had the time of our lives. Playing lacrosse, some people might not know that he even played lacrosse, but of course like everything that Danny did, he was an amazing lacrosse player. Just like watching him ride, he was a joy to watch on the lacrosse field, he just makes everything look so easy.

Our trip to visit Conor at Syracuse; Danny, Charlie, Josh and I left NH in Charlie’s Jeep with two cases of beer in the back in plain site, all of us under age, we made it to NY and I was driving about 75 and out of nowhere red flashing light turned on behind us. Danny wakes up and says, “Why is there an ambulance behind us?” I pulled over knowing that NY State Police have red lights not blue like NH. We quickly stopped laughing at Danny as they proceed up on each side of the jeep and ask where we were headed because it was about 12pm, we told them and he took my license and then gave me a ticket. We drove off to the next rest area and I let Josh drive and a half an hour later he got pulled over on the same highway. I just remember Danny laughing in the back seat after Josh got another ticket. We made it to Conor’s dorm and had a blast while we were there. On the way home we got a girl to flash us on the highway after driving next to this car full of girls for a long time holding up traffic on I90.

The year I took Danny out on a wakeboard boat for the fourth of July on Ossipee Lake. He had never wake boarded before and after we had been drinking all day, he jumped in and put me board on and got up first try! Of course none of us were surprised, it took him about two minutes and he was able to clear the wake. He is by far the most talented person I have ever met. We always had fun no matter what we did. His ability to make people laugh and smile is something I have missed for a long time. My memories with Danny are something I have cherished and feel lucky to have been able to build such a great relationship with him over the years. Danny, I look foreword to seeing you soon and making more memories. We do have places to ride in NC, and would love to get you back out on my wakeboard on Lake Norman. You are the best and have a great family and great friends who love you and can’t wait to see that smile again and hear that awesome laugh. Love you buddy!


Tim Mcclare

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