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January 7th, 2011 by Conor

Three words that come to mind when I think of my boy Danny Toumarkine…

1. Admiration
2. Jock Jams
3. Cold Duck

Danny is the type of person you come across once in a lifetime. I was
fortunate enough to have become friends with Danny during my 4 years
at SNHU. I look up to Danny. No matter where you were, if you were
with Danny, you were going to have a blast. The amount of support you
have seen over the past couple of days just goes to show what type of
person Danny is. I will give you one quick story – I went over to
Danny’s place one day after class – I had no idea that he was one of
the most talented snowboarders out there. I asked him why he didn’t
watch sports – his answer – I don’t watch sports – I just watch
snowboard videos really (something along those lines)…. I couldn’t
believe it. He never once talked about how amazing he was. Either
way, as I got to know Danny more and more I realized what a talented
and humble person he really was (in all aspects). Conor and Danny- I
truly look up to you both and respect the relationship that you have.
Conor you have continued to hold strong through this situation and I
know that everyone out there really appreciates that…I certainly
know one thing, Danny will not forget all of this when he pulls
through. Stay strong, there are so many of us thinking about you and
your family.


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