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January 7th, 2011 by Conor

Connor (and to Dan when he wakes up),

Since I heard about what happened to Dan and found out about your updates on Facebook and the website you set up, I have been coming online and deeply hoping that he has started to shows signs of the beginnings of his recovery. I haven’t seen either of you guys in a long time but growing up in the same town and on the same street and growing up with a brother, it really hit me in an emotional place I haven’t felt in a long time, maybe never. I can’t feel the depth of angst that you are going through but I feel like in some ways that Dan is part of my tribe, in my circle of people that grew up knowing and care about. Sure, we didn’t hang out and only saw each other in passing but my worries about your bro have welled-up big time. My reaction kind of came upon me in a deep way that I didn’t expect.

I believe that Dan knows you are with him and that your and his love as brothers is permeating that room as well as the love from your family and friends and everyone who knew Dan.

I am living in Bulgaria now and sending my love across the world to you both and your whole family.

Get Well Dan. Come Back Soon.

Much Love,

Rob Hickey

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