Words. Mike Kaminski

January 7th, 2011 by Conor

DCT, Conor, your entire family and the entire Shreddy Times crew,

Theres not much I can say to help this situation. But what I can do is reflect on how awesome/great of a friend Danny has been to me since we met in college. Just like alot of others, Danny and I met at Loon one day my freshman year while shreddin’ with Griffin. Headin up the lift, we were introduced and I honestly thought nothing of it. Had no idea what this meeting would have in store for our future as friends. After getting off the Gondola, we strapped in and said “here we go.” About 20 yards into the run, I gave a quick glance around to see where everyone was and was suprised by a falling object coming over my right shoulder. Here comes Danny, front flip and all, and lands right in front of me, with a smile and a laugh. I said God Damn who the hell is this guy!! From here on out we became close friends both on the slopes and in normal, everyday life.

We then went toi CO and UT for two weeks our senior year. I chose this trip, obviously, over a Spring Break trip to Jamaica with my other friends. Needless to say, it was the best decision I have ever made. So many laughs and amazing memories came from that trip. Whether it was me seperating my shoulder the FIRST day at Keystone, or building the igloo outside the UT house, this trip brought myself and Danny a million times closer. His laugh echoed RELENTLESSLY throughout the CO Condo and the UT mansion that we stayed at.

My fondest memory has to be out FIN 320 cllass with HASSAN INC. HAHA! Me, Danny and Januzzi gave that class life. Our one-armed friend, Hassan, pretended to care about attendance but realistically, he didn’t. So we all rotated skipping classes. Only for the other 2 to walk in to Hassan asking ” TOUMARKINE, where is your buddy KAAAAMMMMIIINNNNSKKKIIIII?” HAHA, so f’ing classic!

The entire Toumarkine family has opened up every aspect of their home to me in North Conway whenever I came to visit. A beautiful house, nestled in the woods with Shreddy Times and Fligi stickers all over the fridge. Our recent trip hiking up Mt Field and Wiley was a freakin blast. Going from 50 degree weather to snow in less than a 1000 vertical feet was a hell of an experience. We fed the Grey Jays, which was amazing, and shared lunch on a snow covered path because I was about to die from being fat and pretending to hike badass mountains. He kept saying on the Ascent, “Bet you hate me right now, don’t ya? Wait til we get to the top” He clearly wasn’t lying. What an amazing day, clearly my favorite hiking story.

Danny, Conor, and the Toumarkine Family. From the bottom of my heart, I wish Danny a speedy and successful recovery. Although times are really tough right now, Danny has by far one of the biggest and most loving support groups out of ANYONE I have ever met in my entire life. All we can do, as friends, family, is to pray for him and keep his laugh in our minds. He will prevail, I’m sure. He just needs the support from EVERYONE (even if you only follow Shreddy Times online) to help himself and his family through this.

Danny, get better soon bro,. Love you kid.

-Mike Kaminski aka Kamski

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  1. Erica Heilman Says:

    Hassan!!! WHAT IS GOING ONNNN WITH THE PEOPLEEE??!!! You two made that class by far my favorite at school!

  2. Danielle Catabia Says:

    Danny…not a day goes by that I haven’t been thinking and praying for you. So many amazing SNHU memories with you as a starring role. I can’t wait for you to read all of these comments so you know how much you have touched all of our lives…you are so loved!! Matt and I give each other updates on your condition everyday. Please know that your girl NEW YORRKKK (thanks for that nickname that I still can’t seem to shake by the way :)is rooting for you and I know you will pull through! Sending love and strength your way!

    D and Matt

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